General questions
Steam Ladder is a website where you can view the ranking of all the Steam Profiles. You can search for your own profile and view different rankings based on your stats. Steam Ladder was created by Terry007 and launched in June 2014.
Yes, you can find our official Steam Group here.
Besides our donators and other contributors, Steam Ladder is driven by a couple of volunteers who moderate our Steam Group, bug test our new features or are contributing to Steam Ladder in a great way. You can view our staff here.
Yes you can! Steam Ladder gained a lot of visitors over the last months so we are working on optimizing the website and expanding our database at the same time. If you want to contribute you can donate and unlock some extra perks on your Steam Ladder profile. There are also other ways to help us: disable your ad-blocker on our domain, link your Steam Ladder profile on your Steam profile or invite your friends to our Steam group!
Click here to send us an e-mail.
The same numbers as you will get if you count all the games in your library. This includes free games as well.
Not at the moment, but there will be an API in the future.
You need to specify your country on your Steam Profile on Go to your Steam Profile, click on 'Edit Profile' and fill in the empty fields. You don't need to specify a place.
Profiles are automatically updated every 24 hours. You can manually update your profile every 30 minutes in our Dashboard.
You can report a profile by clicking the 'report' button on a profile page.
If you want your profile removed from Steam Ladder, just send us an e-mail and we will remove your profile from the ladders.
If you set your profile on private or friends-only, only public data will be retrieved.
Steam Ladder only saves the data retrieved since the last time your profile updated. Newly retrieved data will overwrite the old data. If you change any data on your Steam Profile it will be changed on Steam Ladder and there will be no record of old data or changes to data. If you don't want to get indexed or your data removed on Steam Ladder contact an Administrator. The data retrieved is public data from the API. Private and friends-only profile data can't and won't be retrieved and/or saved. ALL DATA SAVED OF YOUR PROFILE IS DISPLAYED ON YOUR STEAM LADDER PROFILE PAGE.
If you donated more than 6 USD your profile should be updated within 24 hours.
You can view the donation information and perks here.
Yes, if you donate again your new donation amount will be a total of your current donated amount plus previous donated amounts.
You can set the visilbity of your donation in the Hall of Fame in the dashboard. Default it is set to visible.
We're currently not looking for new staff members.
Yes, click here to join our support channel for live support.
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